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Does it not make you smile naturally whenever you look at a picture of your beautiful family? It brings back fond memories that brings happiness.

Hi there! I’m Lannie Armstrong, a portrait and wedding photographer located in Windsor Mill Maryland. My photography journey started because of love. Out of love for art and creativity, I dreamed of one day owning a DSLR camera but it was out of love for family that I decided dive into the world of photography.

When one of my brothers needed a photographer for his wedding in the Philippines, I decided to purchase my very first camera so I could help fill the need. DIY tutorial videos became my best friend for several months. I practiced a lot until I get a hang of the functions and used the editing skills that I’ve learned throughout the years.

Now that I’ve learned the skill, I enjoy the fun part, which is creating something beautiful. More than the art of photography, I enjoy looking at the precious smiles of the people and preserving the memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. I enjoy seeing someone smile whenever a long distance friend or family receives their personalized Christmas cards, celebrations and special announcements.

Your family is a beautiful gift! They are your most cherished treasure in life, aren’t they? Change is constant but Precious Smile Photo is here to help you preserve the priceless memories that matter to you.

“Lannie is an excellent photographer. Her photos are just beautiful and we treasure all of the family photos she has taken. She is amazing with kids and gets them to smile big for the camera. We couldn’t ask for a better photographer to capture our family memories.” - Emilia G.

“Lannie is very nice and understanding. I love the way our family pictures turned out. I was nervous to see them because the day we took the pictures was not very pretty. It was cold and rainy. When I received all of our pictures I was so happy! Thank you so much. You are great!” - Michelle L.

“They are both so patient and great when working with the kids/babies. They make a great team!” - Megan L.
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